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Ways to Stay Up to Date with Prairie Village Happenings

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

There is a LOT going on in Prairie Village these days! A LOT. The Village Voice that’s mailed to residents bi-monthly would have to be the size of a phone book to cover all of what’s happening in Prairie Village every month… week… day!

All the modes of real time communication available to us in 2019 can be overwhelming, though, and not all of them work for everyone. But here’s a menu of options that Prairie Village staff use to get the word out to as many residents as possible. If you’re not already following PV on social media, take a look and pick the one, or ones, that work for you! 😎

eNews Sign Up

Stay in touch with current PV issues and events like JazzFest, VillageFest, and more straight to your inbox by subscribing HERE to receive email updates.


Prairie Village’s website is VERY robust. I’ve been able to find everything there that I’ve ever gone looking for. Check it out HERE.

The blue “Service Finder” button in the top right is particularly helpful.

There’s also a search icon in the top right to help you find exactly what you need.


Prairie Village posts on their Facebook page nearly every day, sometimes more. If you’d like their posts to show up in your feed, click HERE to follow them and then **be sure to “like” and comment frequently so that the Facebook algorithm will be sure to show them in your feed.


NextDoor is relatively new, but since PV recently hired Ashley Freburg as Public Information Officer/Deputy City Clerk, she’s been able to post on this site fairly often, particularly with the weather we’ve been having, so if you use NextDoor, be sure to “Subscribe” to their posts HERE.


Do you prefer updates with as few words as possible? Then Twitter may be your jam.

Follow the City of Prairie Village’s Twitter Feed HERE.

Follow PV Police Department’s Twitter HERE.


The City’s Instagram account is @cityofprairievillage and you can find that HERE. They didn’t post much for the last year, but it looks like it’s picking back up, probably due, again, to Ms. Freburg’s addition to the team. (Thank you, Ashley, for updating me on this viable medium!)

Hope you found something here that works for you to keep you up to date!

Take care and reach out if you have any questions or concerns,


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