Taxes Levied in 2019

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

Recently we looked at how Prairie Village responsibly uses your local tax dollars, and after this week’s Council Meeting presentation by City Finance Director, Lisa Santa Maria, we can zoom out a bit to look at our Mill Levy and taxes levied in 2019.

The mill levy represents how much of your property’s taxable value will be charged in real estate taxes. Each “mill” represents a tax of one-thousandth of a dollar for each dollar of the assessed value of the property.

I love a good pie chart! Here’s one to illustrate how the mill is allocated:

So, in real dollars, for a home appraisal value of $334,382.00, the assessed value (11.5%) would be $38,454.00, and that breaks down like this:

Annual Monthly
Prairie Village $ 743 $ 62
Consol. Fire #2 452  38
SM School District 2,016 168  
County 732  61
Library 150 13
JoCo Parks & Rec  119 10
State  58  5
Comm. College 356 30
$ 4626 $ 387

Thank you, Lisa, for this informative report on taxes levied in 2019 to Council. Prairie Village has awesome professional women and men on staff!!

Click here if you’d like to read more about Prairie Village Finances, including the City Sales Tax Rate.

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