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Posted by Bonnie Limbird

This is a post that I will update as I learn more information that I think will be helpful to my Prairie Village neighbors. As I add to it, I’ll clone the post with a new date, so followers who receive my weekly email updates will automatically receive the updated list. 🙂

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Did You Know?

The process of running for Prairie Village City Council has been such a learning adventure! Nearly every day, I learn something new about Prairie Village, Johnson County, the greater KC metro, and Kansas. And so many of them are things that I wish I’d known a year ago. So, I want to share them with you! Here they are:

Public Safety

  1. ALWAYS call the police department if you think something is off or your gut is telling you something is wrong. PVPD would much rather go on a hundred calls for “nothing” than miss even one “something”.
  2. If you’re not comfortable calling 9-1-1, then dial 913-642-5151. This number goes direct to Dispatch as urgent, but not as an emergency.
  3. Do you have a camera doorbell (like Nest Hello or Ring) or other cameras on your property? Then, if you’re interested, you can join the Village Video Cooperative. Click HERE for more info.


  1. Are you, or is anyone you know, struggling to pay utility bills? The Johnson County Utility Assistance Program provides financial assistance to promote safety and avoid utility disconnection to qualifying Johnson County households. Help may be provided with electric, water, propane, gas, waste water, or wood bills. To apply, call 913-715-6653. Services are available by appointment only, but basic details HERE.
  2. Did you know that tap water must meet more regulatory requirements for water quality than bottled water? Bottled water is only required to meet basic FDA quality rules. Johnson County tap water meets or exceeds strict state and EPA quality regulations.  Our water is tested by an accredited lab thousands of times a year. As a matter of fact neither WaterOne nor The Sierra Club Kanza Group endorse or recommend any filters for your tap, because it’s just 👏 not 👏 necessary 👏. See for more information about our high quality H2O!
  3. Like a green lawn? Water any time of day for as long as you like! No restrictions. But if you’d like to be more “green” for the environment, try Smart Watering. If you live in an even number house, water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you live in an odd number house, water Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekend. This uses less electricity and prolongs the life of the water system. It might even improve your water pressure!

That’s all for now! See you next time.

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