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Your Newest ARTS Council Member

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

I am so excited to announce that you are looking at the newest volunteer member of your Prairie Village Arts Council!

I applied for this mayor-appointed community position almost a year ago, and after becoming a finalist, so-to-speak, in September, I had an awesome interview with the committee chairs, Julie Hassel & Al Guarino. I’ve just been waiting for turnover to open a seat at the table.

Well, the time has finally come, and here is my happy face:

Arts Council

Not sure what the Arts Council is? Here is an excerpt from their About page:

The Prairie Village Arts Council is a volunteer committee of the City of Prairie Village, working with the Prairie Village Municipal Foundation to foster cultural awareness and development in the City of Prairie Village.

The Prairie Village Arts Council curates the R.G. Endres Gallery, located in the Municipal Building at 7700 Mission Road. The gallery shows monthly exhibitions of regional artists and has two annual Juried Competitions. Monthly Artist’s Receptions are held on the second Friday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

The Arts Council works with the Prairie Village Arts Show, the Arts Council of Johnson County and their annual Shooting Stars Awards Gala, VillageFest, and many other community events and activities.

I strongly believe that a fully supported arts program can create a positive impact on our evolving community and bring together people from across multiple groups of our population to increase understanding. We can find commonality in the unlikeliest of art forms and learn things about other people and other cultures that we wouldn’t have stepped outside our comfort zone to learn in any other way.

In my role on the Arts Council, I plan to bring my Fine Arts education and my experience in the design and architecture field to the conversations on how to expand and engage more residents in our programs. The Arts Council has a great foundation and portfolio of programs, but what can we do to engage and excite our younger residents? That’s what I will be researching while also listening and learning from the experienced and dedicated members of this awesome city committee.

My City Council Campaign Continues

This appointment does not mean that I’m giving up on my CITY Council election. Oh, no! It will just give me a foot in the door of the committee system to start learning early behind-the-scenes, and then I will request this committee as a Councilmember to continue the work I’ll have been a part of until my swearing in.

For my CITY Council campaign, my #TeamBonnie Volunteers and I will begin canvassing homes in July, and I look forward to personally speaking with each and every one of you in Ward 3 and hearing what YOU think is next for Prairie Village – or what SHOULD be next.

If you’d like to join #TeamBonnie, click one or both of the buttons below to find a time that works for you and make a contribution:

If you haven’t seen the latest in my series of Council Meeting Recaps, check it out HERE. I note on this one that you can expect this type of thorough, researched, and inclusive communication from me throughout my term as your Councilperson so you always know what’s happening at City Hall.

Take care and reach out if you have any questions or concerns,


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