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Home Construction Update
Posted by Bonnie Limbird

Have you been wondering when you’ll start seeing homes built under the new phase 2 Neighborhood Design Standards? Are you concerned that they haven’t made a difference?

Well, there ARE quite a few projects still underway that were approved based on zoning codes prior to the phase 2 effective date of February 1, 2019.

I asked our Prairie Village Community Development office how long a builder/homeowner has to complete their home after they pull the permit, and this was what I heard back (super fast!) from Mitch Dringman, Building Official City of Prairie Village:

The permit application process states the applicant has 180 days to obtain the permit from date of filing; however, so long as they are making earnest attempts through the plan review process, the 180 days can be stretched out. Once a Building Permit is issued, the Permit Holder must act on the issued Building permit within 90 Days to keep it active. The permit will remain active so long as the builder is receiving at least one inspection every 90 days, and the builder may also request an extension if needed. The City of Prairie Village has no set time limit for an expiration of a permit provided the builder is following the 90 day cycle.


So, understanding that new houses that are tear-down/rebuild will take, on average, 7-12 months from start to finish, we may not start seeing the fruits of the phase 2 Standards for at least another few months, if not 6+ months.

Do you have other questions about the neighborhood design standards or any thing else? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Or, of course, directly to the Community Development office at (913) 385-4604.

Have a great weekend, neighbors!

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