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Election Day is Tomorrow!

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

Tomorrow is Election Day, and as we cross the finish line, I’d like to again express my heartfelt thanks to everyone that has helped along the way, and to our Prairie Village neighbors in Ward 3 who have opened their doors to me and our volunteers.

Since being the first candidate to file for this seat in February, this first time candidate and her team have:

  • Raised $6,558 in donations …
  • … from 96 individual contributions …
  • 29 of those from right here in PRAIRIE VILLAGE!! 
  • Recruited a team of 25+ local volunteers 
  • Knocked over 1,100 Ward 3 Doors three times each!!
  • Sent over 1,600 mailers
  • Placed 100 yard signs
  • Had over 750 face-to-face conversations

We were also fortunate to receive the endorsements of:

I couldn’t have done this without, first, the encouragement of my family and friends over the years that I should run for city council, and lastly, the emotional, financial, and volunteer support of my family (Chris and Abi, in particular!), friends, neighbors, and fellow candidates. I extend my deepest thanks to everyone who has supported me in every way.

And to that end, to bring this campaign to a close…

I would be honored to have YOUR vote for Bonnie Limbird for Prairie Village tomorrow, November 5th!!

Take care and reach out if you have any questions or concerns,


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