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Tell These Business Owners Thank You with Your Business

Support PV Shops Who Support PV
Posted by Bonnie Limbird

We have many amazing business owners in Prairie Village who support our community in so many different ways.

There are businesses that you see over and over again giving back to our PV residents, through events like VillageFest, JazzFest, the events below, and more… and there are businesses that you NEVER see. It’s worth taking note who is who.

So the next time you’re looking to spend your dollars in our local shops, I encourage you to support the folks and stores listed on these ‘thank yous’ found in our most recent Village Voice who have shown their support for your family, friends, and neighbors.

If you don’t see your favorite businesses on these lists, let them know on your next visit that giving back to our community (including to our schools) is important to you in earning your business.


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