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Council Meeting Agenda – 03/02/20

Council Meeting Agenda
Posted by Bonnie Limbird

Here is the City Council Meeting Agenda for the Prairie Village City Council Meeting – Monday, March 2, 2020:

• • Presentation by Deb Settle, President/CEO of the Northeast Johnson County Chamber of Commerce

• • Consider Ordinance 2414 to rezone 4820 W. 75th Street and the vacant lot directly to the east from R-1A (single-family) to C-0 (office)

• • Consider Ordinance 2415 to rezone the Public Works facility from R1A, R-3, and RP-4 to RP-1A

• • Consider contract amendment #1 with New Line Skate Parks FL, Inc., for the final design of the Harmon Park skate park

• • Consider agreement with Municode for online code hosting services

• • Review & Discuss 2021 Budget goals and objectives

• • Discuss using future transient guest taxes from the Meadowbrook Inn to fund a fireworks display in coordination with VanTrust at Meadowbrook Park

See the whole agenda and Council packet HERE and HERE (2 parts!!).

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on any of the agenda items, and have a wonderful weekend!


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