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COVID Recovery Poll Results

Posted by Bonnie Limbird


Thank you so much for responding to my poll. I’m sending these results out now, so you have a chance to see them and log into the Friday 3:00* Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting online if you’d like.

I asked you Tuesday through Wednesday morning what, if any, businesses/service/establishments should be pushed out to opening until Phase 2 to re-open. I took votes and comments via Facebook and on my website also.

Here are the results:

Around 140 votes were recorded, and except for outdoor playgrounds, they overwhelmingly supported holding off these categories for Phase 2 at the earliest.

I shared this directly with members of the task force as well as County Commissioner Fast, State Rep. Stogsdill, and Senator Bollier (just so they have the numbers, too, for state conversations).

During Tuesdays Task Force meeting, none of these were moved back to Phase 2 as we’d like. 🙁

For the current recommendation, see the JOCO Recovery Planning Task Force Recommendations/Next Steps as included in the BOCC Agenda packet for today’s 3:00 p.m. meeting (the phasing matrix starts on page 5):


You can watch the BOCC meeting HERE. Again, it starts at 3:00 p.m.. You shouldn’t need FB to watch it once the video goes live.

Thank you again for participating!

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2 thoughts on “COVID Recovery Poll Results

  1. E Dunn

    I am extremely disappointed in the council!! The pool should not be ope this summer at all… I will not be going and everyone else I know said they would not be going!! This is so wrong since so many people from other cities are allowed..and there are a lot of people that come in use the shower meant to rinse for the pool use it was their personal shower and shampoo etc.. this is just another example of why the pool should remain closed..doubt that I will ever be back.. people from other cities should not be allowed at the pool only pv residents!

    1. bonnieforpv

      Ms. Dunn, I think you mean you are disappointed with the County?

      City Council hasn’t been presented a date for pool opening, and whatever date is proposed will be informed by State and County recommendations.

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