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Share YOUR Input on the Village Vision 2.0 Comprehensive Plan

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

The City of Prairie Village is holding a virtual meeting on September 9th at 6:30 via Zoom to present the Village Vision 2.0 Comprehensive Plan DRAFT to the public and take live Q&A. The public can join the webinar via zoom or watch the live stream on Facebook.

Before that though, we want your input!
Please click the link below and answer a 27-question survey.

It’s not wholly necessary, but for background to help you answer the survey, you may want to view the current Village Vision 2.0 Comprehensive Plan DRAFT as it stands today here:

Mission Statement:

“Prairie Village has established itself as a vibrant first-ring suburb composed of walkable residential neighborhoods and charming activity centers. Though well-established, the community’s continuous evolution will be carefully guided to ensure Prairie Village is a resilient place where people and businesses thrive, and the unique characteristics of the city are sustained.”

Thank you for participating in our community by providing feedback on local issues like this!

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