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Action: Join Me in a Friendly Competition!

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

City elected leaders in Kansas have accepted the challenge to ensure their community members have a voice in government!

The Challenge

The Voter Network launched the City to City challenge in cooperation with four cities in Northeast Johnson County to increase voter engagement in their communities: Mission, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, and Westwood. The elected officials in these communities not only care deeply about voter engagement, but they realize that a little friendly competition is always fun.

Each city is tasked with engaging community stakeholders in the electoral process. Their goal is to motivate participation in the 2020 elections, especially among new and low-propensity voters. Who will show the largest increase in turnout? 


Represented Voices

When city councils and commissions don’t represent reality, policy decisions are made without input from the community members who are often most impacted by them. This results in an uneven distribution of vital resources in the community.

Stronger Communities

Quality of life is heavily influenced by programs and policies put in place at the local level. Cities in Kansas that encourage civic engagement are healthier, more resilient, and experience more positive societal outcomes. Research shows that people who vote are more likely to volunteer, stay informed, interact with their neighbors, and have increased community pride. What city doesn’t want all that?

The Challengers

Simply click the Prairie Village link below to join our team!

Here’s how it works:

Do you know 4-10 friends/family who you’re not sure if they vote in every election?

Of course, you do!  We all do. 🙂  I mean, you’d probably be really surprised by all of your friends/fam who DON’T vote.

This is a NON-partisan voter peer-to-peer outreach program, so it doesn’t matter if your friends are Rs, Ds, Is, or completely unaffiliated!

PLEASE join me on our City to City team, Prairie Village, as an Ambassador to help us GET OUT THE VOTE.

All it really requires, after signing up, is adding a few contacts then going through a checklist of reminders per person and reaching out to them via text/phone/a coffee date to give them quick, friendly reminders and helpful information like deadlines, polling locations, sample ballots, etc..

And The Voter Network and I can help you with all of these resources! 

Less than an hour of work a week – a LOT less!!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me at!

I look forward to having you on our team!!

P.S. Right now, this is still only a Kansas voter project, so we can’t specifically help our Missouri friends in getting out the vote with this challenge, but if you have Missouri friends with a vast Kansas network of family and friends that want to join our team as an Ambassador to help us GOTV on this side of the state line, they certainly can and are welcome!

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