New Quarantine Recommendation

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

From the daily Coronavirus updates newsletter from JoCoGov:

On Thursday, Dec. 3, Johnson County Government “shared the new quarantine recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Johnson County Department of Health and Environment has adopted these recommendations. Yesterday’s e-newsletter incorrectly stated “get tested within five days…”. See the corrected language below.

You now have two options for when quarantine ends:

  • Get tested on day 5 or later of an exposure to someone with COVID-19. If the test results are negative and you have no symptoms, you can go about normal activities on the eighth day. 
  • If you choose not to get tested and have no symptoms, you are out of quarantine on the 11th day.

“In both instances, you should continue to monitor your symptoms for the full 14 days. If you develop symptoms, get tested and isolate.
Nursing homes and correctional facilities will continue to follow the full 14-day quarantine guidelines, as before.

And, as always, wear your mask (fully over your NOSE and MOUTH), maintain 6-feet separation between you and those not living in your household, wash your hands frequently, and STAY HEALTHY. 😃

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