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Village Vision 2.0 | Last Chance

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

Hello, Ward 3 Residents and other PV friends.

I’ve been receiving increasing numbers of emails from concentrated areas of Prairie Village, expressing concern about the Village Vision 2.0 Comprehensive Plan that Council is set to review and vote on again next Tuesday, January 19th.

The emails are focused on one or two aspects of the plan that they are unhappy with, and they are attacking the comprehensive plan creation process as a whole.

As one of your Ward 3 representatives, I encourage you to take this final opportunity to express your opinions, favorable or unfavorable, to me at, so that I can rest assured that those of you who are interested have shared your thoughts with me.

I have shared here my recaps on meetings, discussions, and work sessions, all related to Village Vision 2.0, and I have shared the survey link numerous times, so I’m hopeful you’ve already responded. To those of you who have, thank you so much. To those who haven’t, please consider doing so now:


City staff, Council, and councilmembers before me took every single communication opportunity available to them to engage as many residents as possible in the process. This type of topic is why local government is SO important, and why I encourage everyone to vote in their municipal elections in odd-numbered calendar years AND keep up on City Council topics. It makes a difference! 😉

I am so appreciative to all of you who have taken the time to engage in surveys, engage with ME, send my your concerns, opinions, and gratitude, and share your appreciation of me and my communication efforts. You made my first year as your councilwoman a very rewarding one indeed.

Have a beautiful weekend! And please feel free to share this post with your neighbors in case they don’t get my emails.

Thank you,

P.S. Also, I’ll make clear two things:

  1. VV2.0 does NOT call for multi-story buildings within residential neighborhoods. It DOES allow for the consideration of multi-story buildings within commercial city centers or where surrounding areas would inform higher heights. The Planning Commission and City Council have final say on those types of structures, and residents would have opportunity to give feedback each time.
  2. I, personally, am NOT a proponent of developments that would do to our streets what some recent developments in surrounding NEJC cities have done to their thoroughfares. Every project that comes before me would be reviewed on its own merits and subject to strict review of its perceived benefits and downfalls based on some of the same factors I consider when designing interior workspaces: daylight, views, landscaping, adjacencies, and relationships to surrounding structures.

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