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Council Recap 8/2/21 & Agenda 8/16/21

Council Meeting Agenda
Posted by Bonnie Limbird


I was not able to attend the August 2nd City Council meeting, and I expected to not miss much based on the agenda. However, as you may have heard, a motion was brought forward about a topic not on the agenda: mask mandates. This topic was discussed at length during the meeting, and ultimately all but one council member present voted to have the staff research and draft a proposed mask mandate.

I have since watched the meeting to catch myself up, and have read the staff report in the below-linked agenda packet for next Monday’s meeting. It’s a bit dry, but not impossible to wade through, so I encourage you to read it as well. It begins on page 15.

Please read it and then share your thoughts with me and Council via email at councilmembers@pvkansas.com.

We want to hear from our citizens. We want thoughtful, reasoned comments, and we want your personal stories. 😊

Check out next week’s agenda below! Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at blimbird@pvkansas.com.

The next meeting of the Prairie Village City Council will be via Zoom and Facebook Live. You do NOT have to have an FB account to view the meeting. You will be able to view it HERE when the time comes.

If you would like to speak LIVE during the public participation portion of the meeting, please notify City Clerk Adam Geffert at cityclerk@pvkansas.com, and provide your name, address, and email address prior to 3 p.m. on the day of the meeting. The City will provide you with a link to join the meeting and will call on those who signed up to speak once public participation begins. Members of the public will not be able to participate in the meeting unless they sign up with the City Clerk ahead of time. Each individual that wishes to speak will be given 3 minutes. To submit a written comment to Council, please send your comments to councilmembers@pvkansas.com by the same deadline.

NEW NOTE:  If you need special accommodations, similar to our in-person meetings, a resident always has two business days to request an ADA accommodation for our virtual meetings should they need it. So, as an example for the hearing-impaired, with notice, we could line up a sign language interpreter to be present during the live meeting via Zoom.

Here are the highlights of the City Council Meeting Agenda for the Prairie Village City Council Meeting – Monday, August 16, 2021:

The image above from our amazing Public Information Officer, Ashley Freburg, includes Prairie Village Council Preview and the following bullet points:

  • Diversity Committed funds
  • Proposed citywide INDOOR Mask Mandate
  • Bird Scooters Pilot Program

See the whole agenda and Council packet HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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