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Council Recap – 02/22/22

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

Committee Reports

Ad Hoc Housing Committee

Councilmember Ian Graves reported on progress so far. Our next meeting will be focusing on zoning, and we hope to have a report to City Council by Spring.

Parks & Recreation Committee

Councilmember Terrence Gallagher reported that the committee made great progress on their 5-year plan at their special meeting last week, and they hope to have a report/plan in time for the 2023 budget process.

Arts Council

Our February artists’ reception at Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse went off without a hitch this time around (despite the second incoming snow storm), and we had a great turnout considering the reschedule and incoming weather. Thank you to the Prairie Village Arts Council members, Nickie Lee, and Ryan Bell with JCPRD! Here are just a few photos:

The 2022 Art of Photography Call for Entries is now open!

UCS Drug & Alcoholism Council

Councilperson Piper Reimer serves as the City of Prairie Village liaison for the Drug & Alcoholism Council, and she shared that they heard from an organization who typically applies for grants through this program: Artists Helping the Homeless. Learn more about them at the link.

Mayor’s report
  • The Mayor has reinstated the Ad Hoc Civic Center Committee with Ian Graves and me serving as Chair and Vice Chair respectively.
    • We have already been contacted by Genesis Health Clubs for a possible partnership.
    • Will be looking to this committee for recommendations on process including how and when to reach out to the public.
  • JoCo Charter Commission recommended no changes to the Charter at this time.
  • Mayor and Jamie Robichaud met with a developer about a net zero workforce housing proposal
  • Thank you to Public Works for another amazing preparation and response to the major snow even we had last week.
  • Another successful round of COVID test kit deliveries.
  • I Have a Dream (Home) Action & Celebration Event Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – This Saturday, 4:00 – 5:30pm, online AND virtual opportunities. There will be poetry, live music, speakers, and a family member of Dr. King in attendance.

Staff reports

City Clerk

Adam Geffert let us know that there wil be a Republic Services “quality of service” survey available soon for your input. There are only 4 questions, and they are direct to the point. How satisfied are you? The link will be shared via Village Voice, social media, and the website.

Deputy City Administrator

Deputy City Administrator Jamie Robichaud updated Council that the staff compensation study is underway, and the consultant is currently meeting with departments to gather information. The consultant will come to a future council meeting to present on compensation philosophy and more.

Chief Roberson

Police Chief Byron Roberson updated Council on the 95th & Mission carjacking. It is believed that it was random, not an organized event. (Though there have been some such organized efforts around the metro.) The new technology installed at that intersection collaboratively with Leawood and OP has returned huge dividends already in delivering leads in working on this crime.

Consider approval of Resolution 2022-01, declaring it to be the intent of the Governing Body to vacate and discontinue a public utility easement at 4415 W 89th Street

Jamie Robichaud presented this item. We’re just approving the public hearing at this point, but ultimately there will be a vote to vacate the historical easement which is believe to be unused by all utilities. More to come. And a possible welcome to the neighborhood of my friend, Kali Buchanan! 🙂

Consider rescinding ordinance requiring the wearing of face coverings or masks during the COVID-19 public health emergency and recovery

Mayor Mikkelson thanked staff and Council for their leadership and response to the pandemic throughout the last two years. He believes, and JCDHE has stated, that our actions made a difference in bringing down the cases. Mayor also believes now is the time to repeal the ordinance. Councilmember Piper Reimer concurred and made the motion for repeal. Several councilmembers were ready with a second to that motion. This passed unanimously.

I didn’t speak on this topic during this meeting, because I had nothing new to say, but my vote was extremely lackluster. I could see the writing on the wall, but I think we’re all too quick to slow down and reduce our efforts before we’ve actually crossed the finish line. We’ve been here before, and we may get back here yet again soon if we can’t do the right things.

(Tim Schwartzkopf, Assistant City Administrator, shared in the packet documentation that there have still been no tickets issued by PVPD for violation of the ordinance, and they have received very few complaints overall about the ordinance.)

Consider return to hybrid Council meeting format

Approved. So City committees can start to meet in person or in a hybrid format if they choose, but committee members are not required to be in person to participate.

2023 Budget Calendar

Nickie Lee, Finance Director, presented the 2023 Budget (creation) Calendar. Thanks to some modifications in state requirements, we have a bit more time than we did last year. Approved unanimously.

Transient guest tax discussion

Council referred this to the Finance Committee for discussion and recommendation. Council members should send ideas to the Finance Committee for consideration.

Agenda Packet for your reference

Some things you may have missed:

Infographic for new Property Tax Rebate Program. Details at link.


So that’s it for last week.

Some things I’ve been up to:

  • Interviewed 3 more potential new members for Arts Council. (Our selection will be officially appointed at a future meeting. Yay!)
  • Attended the fifth of six REIC workshops with UCS. Only one workshop left.
  • Attended an ad hoc housing committee meeting.
  • Participated in the City Council Special Workshop
  • Hosted the first artist reception in TWO YEARS for Arts Council AND the inaugural reception our new Meadowbrook Park Gallery!
  • Met virtually with a couple of our Teen Council members to talk about their project.
  • Participated in two days of KSBTP board meetings virtually.

Let me know if you have any questions. Be well and have a great week!


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