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Council Agenda 11/7/22

Council Meeting Agenda
Posted by Bonnie Limbird

Check out next week’s agenda! Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at

The next meeting of the Prairie Village City Council will be hybrid via in-person, Zoom, and Facebook Live. You do NOT have to have an FB account to view the meeting. You will be able to view it HERE when the time comes.

If you would like to speak LIVE during the public participation portion of the meeting, please notify City Clerk Adam Geffert at, and provide your name, address, and email address prior to 3 p.m. on the day of the meeting. The City will provide you with a link to join the meeting and will call on those who signed up to speak once public participation begins. Members of the public will not be able to participate in the meeting unless they sign up with the City Clerk ahead of time. Each individual that wishes to speak will be given 3 minutes. To submit a written comment to Council, please send your comments to by the same deadline.

Here are the highlights of the City Council Meeting Agenda for the Prairie Village City Council Meeting – Monday, November 7, 2022:

  • Native American Heritage Month proclamation
  • Update from First Washington Realty (owners of PV Shops, Corinth Square, and Corinth Quarter)
  • Consider approval of Ordinance 2477, approving the vacation of right-of-way adjacent to 4401 Somerset Drive
  • Discussion of possible changes to public comment period at Council meetings
    • Here’s more info on this agenda item; I’m torn, so let me know what you think, Ward 3!

Consider whether a modification should be made to the public comment period to ensure City
business is performed in a timely fashion. Staff has had challenges with timing when speakers are
present to discuss items that are not on the agenda. It has also been difficult coordinating outside
parties who may need to be present for those items with respect to their time.
Due to the increased number of public speakers at recent City Council meetings, consideration has
been given to dividing the public comment period into multiple sessions to allow for City business to
be completed in a timely fashion. One option would be for the first public participation session to be
held as normally scheduled, prior to most City business, for a period not to exceed one hour, if
needed. If all participants get a chance to speak during that period, public participation will conclude,
and the City will then conduct the remaining City business items. If one or more speakers who were
signed up and present at the first session did not get a chance to speak, a second public comment
session will be opened after other City business is concluded for those individuals to speak.
The goals of these proposed changes include the following:
a. To allow all who want to speak to be able to do so
b. To better anticipate when business items (and third-party presenters for those business
items) will be brought forward for consideration and discussion
c. To allow City business to conclude timely

Additionally, I will be asking Staff for an update on a recent meeting held with Republic Services to discuss their contract performance during the Staff Update portion of the meeting.

See the whole agenda and Council packet HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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