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On to the General!! 👏

Posted by Bonnie Limbird

Hello, Prairie Village neighbors and friends!

Thank you to all who voted in the August 1st Primary. Your votes easily carried me into the General Election coming up on Tuesday, November 7th when you’ll also have SMSD School Board, WaterOne, and JCCC representatives to vote for!

For those of you that didn't make it to the polls for the Primary, I totally understand. It's rare to have a primary on an odd-numbered year. BUT we have to get everyone out for the General. I came in behind my challenger by a mere 82 votes. This truly shows how EVERY VOTE COUNTS. ✅

We’ve heard time and time again how “the majority of PV” doesn’t want to talk about attainable housing stock, but yet only 443 Ward 3 “Stop” voters spoke with their votes during this run-off – that’s only 16% of the Ward 3 electorate.

We CAN’T let 16% of voters buy the future of Prairie Village, set us back 50 years, and irrevocably change the format of our City Council and resident representation.

My service is for the future of Prairie Village, and that includes having tough discussions that not every single PV-er is going to like. But I rest easy at night KNOWING that I actually DO represent what the folks I represent IN WARD 3 want and are asking for.

It’s an important detail to note that roughly $6780 (56%) of my challenger’s donations came from OTHER Prairie Village Wards – whom she wouldn’t be representing on council were she to win in November.

Ward 3 residents’ concerns are not the same as Ward 4 residents’ or Ward 5 or other wards. We all have slightly different needs and concerns, particularly around housing, and it’s important that your representative represent YOU and your ward, not the other wards in PV. Those wards have their own representatives.

In contrast, only 14% of my donations came from OTHER PV Wards, and those are all long-time personal friends and/or fellow council members who I have worked collegially and professionally alongside for the last 3-1/2 years.

That’s why I NEED your vote on Tuesday, November 7th. Mark your calendar now, and let’s show the competition that Ward 3 voices are the ones that matter in Ward 3, and you want to be heard!

I also need your financial assistance to mount a successful General Election campaign. Please consider donating at this link:

Thank you so much for ALL of your support!

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