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Council Recap – 08/21/23

Posted by Bonnie Limbird


Courtney McFadden, co-chair of the PV Diversity committee, read a Sexual Harassment Awareness Day proclamation from the City of Prairie Village.

Sunni Barton (sp?) was in attendance at the proclamation reading where she shared that 81% of women have experienced a form of sexual harassment and 43% of men. She is hopeful this day will create awareness and result in more education around sexual harassment.

Committee Reports

Planning Commission

Council considered a renewal of a Special Use Permit for Queen of Paws on Roe with no changes to the business. The previous renewal period was set for 5 years, but this time Planning Commission recommended a 10-year renewal which was approved unanimously by Council.

Arts Council

I shared that the Prairie Village Arts Council’s 2023 State of the Arts reception and awards presentation is coming up soon. Check out the latest show at City Hall (and at Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse) before September 8th when we switch the exhibit to State of the Arts. The Reception and Award Presentation will be Wednesday, September 13th at 7:00 until 8:30. Eats by Caffetteria and drinks from Rimann Liquors!

Parks & Rec Committee

P&R Committee Chair, Councilmember Gallagher, thanked our teen lifeguards and pool staff for sweating this extreme heat!

Mayor’s Report

  • PVPD hosted a Candlelight Vigil for Fairway Officer Jonah Oswald last week. Donations are being accepted for Office Oswald’s young family. You can donate HERE.
  • KC Ballet’s renovated south campus is officially open now. Mayor Mikkelson and I attended the ribbon cutting event last Friday.
  • Planning Commission work session Tuesday night to discuss R-2 and up districts in a public session at 6:00 in council chambers. You can watch it HERE.
  • Our sister city, Dolyna, Ukraine, is celebrating their 1044th anniversary!
  • An event TBD coming soon with Stand up for Ukraine and the State Department.
  • Lancer Day Parade coming up August 31st! Watch for road closures.
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, September 5 due to Labor Day holiday on Monday.

Staff Reports


City Administrator Wes Jordan shared a community center update including upcoming meetings with the different partner groups, the Y and the JoCo Library.

Public Works

Public Works Director Keith Bredehoeft shared that the round 2 storm debris cleanup is primarily complete but they are working with residents to identify any additional issues.

Mission Road Drainage project

Mission Road project is progressing well. Stay up to date on the project HERE.

City Hall/Police Department project supplement

Council considered supplemental #1 with Clark Enersen architecture for concept design options with renderings. Concepts will come back to City Council review before the next phase, schematic design.

Part of constructing a new city hall is alleviating PVPD’s congestion because the 1983 addition to the MPR is a viable section of the existing building, and these concept design options will include the PD portion as well.

Councilmember C. Robinson thanked Melissa for providing the 3-year timeline of the discussions on this project to date and noted that it’s essentially the last major infrastructure project needed for the City that will provide much more flexibility for our police department.

Councilmember Gallagher asked when we would see a programming document for the City Hall/Police Department project and the possible Community Center including additional community room space for the residents to use possibly NOT in the community center scope. Melissa will provide the programming document to council for review.

Council approved unanimously.

CARS project 67th to 75th addendum

Some additional items needed to be addressed on this project after a recent field walk-through that included some structural design, storm sewer, and additional ADA requirements. The addendum is for $39,000, but only $23,000 is the PV portion, and $16 is the Overland Park portion.

The CARS funding we received for this project was actually short by $300-400,000.00. We only received 40% of the project cost, not the 50% requested. The project team may have to review scope and remove items to stay within the constraints.

Not receiving the full 50% of the project cost that we requested definitely isn’t typical for the CARS program, but it has happened before and just depends on how many projects are submitted to the county by all the cities. When this does happen, all cities were/are affected.

This work will also include a new bike lane – Woo hoo!

Council approved unanimously.

Public Arts fund

The Arts Council has discussed this for several years now since realizing during COVID that we don’t have a lot of public art in Prairie Village. Arts Council proposed partnering with the Parks & Recreation committee to create a priority list of where art should be placed, and the P&R committee looked favorably on the idea.

This Public Arts Fund policy sets the processes and parameters for these purchases.

Staff assisted the Arts Council in pulling model language from most of the Northeast JoCo municipalities, which we right-sized for Prairie Village, presented to P&R, and approved through the Arts Council to send to City Council.

There is no budget set yet per piece, since artwork prices vary so greatly, but once the priority list is in place we’ll research how much we need to save for our first purchase.

Approved unanimously to send from Council Committee of the Whole to the full City Council.

Agenda Packet for your reference


Thank you for reading, and please feel free to share this newsletter/post with your PV neighbors! Again, I’m happy to chat live if you have any questions.

Please be well and have a great week!


P.S. MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the NOVEMBER 7th GENERAL ELECTION to support me in my re-election. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!! 🤗 If you’d like to volunteer, click HERE.

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