Neighborhood Design Standards Prairie Village is a highly sought after community for prospective home buyers, and the last 8+ years of home renovations and complete teardown and rebuilds have highlighted that fact. While we need homes that fit our families and lifestyles of 2019, we also still need homes to fit all different sizes, styles, and budgets of families looking to live in our city. The key will be finding the right balance. So, as your councilperson, one of my goals will be to maintain the diversity and affordability of our Prairie Village homes through city planning and neighborhood design standards, as well as continuation of Exterior Home Grants and Contain the Rain cost-share programs.

Proposed Community Center As a parent of an early-teen, I am very excited at the idea of a safe activity hub on the City of Prairie Village “campus” including Harmon Park, the Pool Complex, AND a new Johnson County Library Corinth Branch and a new YMCA/Community Center all in one large block with the Police Department. However, even I am not sold yet that Prairie Village residents want a City-partnered facility, or that we can afford the costs behind acquisition, design, and construction, as well as maintenance in the long term. As your councilperson, I want to make sure this is the right project at the right time, and I will advocate for a transparent Community Center study process to ensure residents are engaged and heard before final decisions are made and voted on.

Taxes & City Budget Property values have risen sharply the last few years, and I want to learn more from our City staff about our options for our property tax rates and how, moving forward, we can be the best stewards to our citizens and our city properties whether that’s lowering the current tax rate, investing the additional revenue in city projects, or a combination of both. What will bring us the most return on investment down the line? I will support fiscal responsibility to our taxpayers by annually evaluating our Mill Levy rate in relation to property values and long term city planning.

Safety & Community We moved to Prairie Village for its charm and small, locally-owned centers of activity. Our Shops have lost long-time business owners recently, and I want to do what we can as a Council to stem that loss and encourage more new entrepreneurs to open their doors in our community. It’s also important that we ensure Prairie Village remains an environment where our teenagers that crave and deserve the freedom to explore their neighborhoods can feel comfortable and safe walking to and from our parks, school and Village Shops.

Updated Streetscapes Walking the streets and sidewalks of Prairie Village with our dogs over these last 11 years, we’ve seen a lot of age and deterioration. I plan to work with Public Works to understand the prioritization and timeline for repairs. To advocate for a faster timeline and find a way to fund the repair and replacement of many of our worst curbs and sidewalks to make them safer and more inviting to strollers, tricycles, runners, seniors, and more. Creating more desirable walking areas encourages walking to improve personal health, reduces our environmental footprint, and leads to a more socially active community… all desired outcomes of the PV Bike-Ped Plan which I look forward to helping shape and seeing through to completion.

Proactive Two-Way Communication Elected representatives should be punctual to meetings and actively engaged in conversations on all issues brought before Council. Proactive communication is crucial, because it not only keeps citizens aware of what’s happening in the city, but it also keeps the door open for two-way communication and feedback. As I’ve been demonstrating for months already, I will update you at least twice a month with Council activities and City updates, post regularly on social media platforms, and be available to listen to your concerns and issues as well. So, let’s stay in touch!